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Acceptable Use Agreement

By logging in to the Gisborne Secondary College’s network  you agree to the ‘Computer/Electronic Device Acceptable Use Agreement’.

When I use digital technologies I agree to be a safe, responsible and ethical user at all times, by:

  • Respecting others and communicating with them in a supportive manner; never writing or participating in online bullying (for example, forwarding messages and supporting others in harmful, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviours)
  • Protecting my privacy; not giving out personal details, including my full name, telephone number, address, passwords and images
  • Protecting the privacy of others; never posting or forwarding their personal details or images without their consent
  • Talking to a teacher if I personally feel uncomfortable or unsafe online, or if I see others participating in unsafe, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviours
  • Carefully considering the content that I upload or post online; this is often viewed as a personal reflection of who I am
  • Investigating the terms and conditions (e.g. age restrictions, parental consent requirements). If my understanding is unclear I will seek further explanation from a trusted adult
  • Confirming that I meet the stated terms and conditions; completing the required registration processes with factual responses about my personal details
  • Handling Electronic devices with care and notifying a teacher if it is damaged or requires attention
  • Abiding by copyright and intellectual property regulations. If necessary, I will request permission to use images, text, audio and video and cite references
  • Not interfering with network systems and security, the data of another user or attempting to log into the network with a user name or password of another student or staff member
  • Not bringing to school or downloading unauthorised Programs (including games), copyrighted Movies or Audio tracks.
  • Not trying to bypass internet filtering/firewalling or using VPN’s/Proxies to bypass such security
  • Not use the network for commercial purposes.
  • Security problems or breaches must be brought to the immediate attention of the I.T. Office and you will not demonstrate these problems to other students
  • Not accessing the Internet, while at school, through the use of Mobile Broadband (3G/4G)
  • Not to use Skype, or similar peer-to-peer/instant messaging communication programs while at school.
  • Maintaining an up to date backup of my important data, ensuring that antivirus and security software is enabled and up to date

When I use GSC owned devices I will also follow these conditions:

  • If taken home, the student must bring portable devices fully charged to school every day.
  • Parents/guardians and students should be aware that files stored on the device, or on GSC’s servers, are not private.
  • At the end of the school year, or agreed time (whichever is shorter) the device must be returned to the school
  • If the student leaves GSC or moves to another school, the device must be returned to the school
  • Any problems, vandalism, damage, loss or theft of the device must be reported immediately to the I.T. Office.
  • In the case of suspected theft, a police report must be made by the family and a copy of the report provided to GSC.
  • In the case of loss or accidental damage, a statement should be signed by a parent/carer and provided to GSC. The cost to repair or replace the school owned device will be borne by the student/parent/carer.
  • Parents/Students will also be required to pay for the replacement of lost or damaged chargers.
  • If a device is damaged or lost, the GSC Principal or their nominee will determine whether the student retains access to a device for home use. The student may be required to provide additional security deposit for further loans.
  • No devices (including GSC rentals) are covered by College insurance for theft, loss or damage. We recommend that you talk to your own insurance company.

When I bring my own device, I also agree to the following conditions:

  • Being responsible for my personally owned device(s) in terms of securely storing the device(s) when not in use and for the hardware and software repairs to the device(s)
  • Installing or updating any software that is not provided by GSC will be my own responsibility.
  • GSC has the right to confiscate my personally owned device(s) if they believe I’m breaching any of the conditions of this Acceptable Use Agreement and that my device will be securely held at the office to be collected at the end of the day (by a parent in the case of repeated or serious breaches)
  • GSC is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss to my personally owned device(s), unless it occurs when the device is being held for collection due to breach of these conditions in accordance with the above clause
  • GSC and its staff are not responsible for any damage caused to my device.
  • Follow instructions of GSC I.T Technicians in regards to BYOD device configuration
  • I will not charge my personally owned device at school; I will bring it to school fully charged each day.
  • I will not intentionally damage network system or services, as it will result in an account suspension for a period of time deemed by the student coordinator depending on the severity.
  • A record of ALL devices, along with student details will be kept. This will include student’s name and form, device serial number, and the MAC address.
  • If I have installed any DET licenced software, such as Microsoft Office or anti-virus, I will bring my device to the I.T. Office before leaving GSC or moving to another school, for removal of the licenced software.
  • If my personally owned device requires anti-virus software I agree to have the DET anti-virus solution installed on said device(s) if deemed necessary.

Your commitment

By clicking this link I understand and agree to comply with these terms of acceptable use and expected standards of behaviour set out within this agreement. I understand that there are consequences established within the college Digital Technologies policy if I do not behave appropriately, including but not limited to the withdrawal of my right to bring any electronic device to school.