• 1. Open Settings
  • 2. Click WiFi
  • 3. Click on the eduSTAR network
  • 4. Change CA Certificate to Don’t validate
    Username: GSC\Student Code
    Password: Xuno Password
  • 5. Select Show Advanced options
  • 6. Change Proxy to Manual
    Proxy host name: eduproxy
    Proxy port: 8080
  • 7. Click Connect


  • 1. Click Here to download and run PaperCut Mobility Print Setup.
  • 2. Accept the Agreement and then click Next.
  • 3. Select the printer you want to add and then click Next.
    Username: Student Code
    Password: Xuno Password
  • 4. Click Finish.

Run the program again and repeat the same steps selecting a different printer if you wish to add more than one printer

How to save school work

Gisborne Secondary College uses OneDrive to save files to the Cloud which can also be accessed from home.

Log in to OneDrive with your Gisborne email address:
Username: Student
Password: Xuno Password

To save a Word document:

  • 1. In Word click Save As
  • 2. Click Add a Place
  • 3. Click OneDrive

School Software

Log in with your Gisborne email address: Student

Edware Robots